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After all the positive feedback on the Blog about Brown Rice vs. White Rice, I figured I would take on another debate about a Food that is generally debated.

Again, let me start by stating the information you read or receive is just as important as where it is coming from. Too often I see someone take advice from a person who is not a credible source when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Opinions are not going to help you when it comes to your health. There is enough information available today to make a decision based upon fact and science rather than general opinion.

In addition, Please remember there are many variables to consider when deciding if an egg white or whole egg is right for you. For example, Your total calorie intake, your macronutrient breakdown, time of day you want to eat it, how it is prepared and your overall goals.

Now let’s get into the Facts…..

– Excellent source of protein. One large egg contains around 7 grams of protein, with 3.5 grams of protein in the egg white with the other 3.5 in the yolk.

– Excellent source of Vitamins and Minerals. However almost all of the 13 nutrients(including Vitamin A, D, B2, B12, E, K, iron, iodine and folate) are in the Egg Yolk.

– No Carbohydrates in the entire egg.

Now where the debate continues…..

– There is 200mg cholesterol and 6 grams of Fat in One Large Egg. This is where most people get concerned and fear the yolk. People believed that if you removed cholesterol from your diet, your total cholesterol would go down, but this is old and outdated research findings. New studies have shown that adding a little bit more dietary cholesterol to your diet does not lead to an increase in your level. This is due to the fact that your body produces cholesterol. It will slow down production if you are providing cholesterol through a food source and it will increase production on its own to meet its needs if necessary.

Another recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity fed subjects an egg based breakfast (2 eggs/day) or a bagel based breakfast for 8 weeks. It’s well known eating breakfast for fat loss. This took it one step further.

Their findings?

Those eating the egg based breakfasts had a 65% greater weight loss and 34% greater decrease in their waists.

In closing, I always have whole eggs in my plan and recommend my clients have the whole egg as well. Depending on the protein requirements needed in their nutrition plan, I may suggest more than one egg and some additional egg whites, but I definitely am not against a whole egg. It is one of the best natural sources of nutrition available in today’s society. I do suggest Organic if available due to the care and nutrition of the chicken.

Once again, Please note there are always variables to consider when deciding on what nutrition is best for you, but if you are currently in a well balanced nutrition plan, the whole egg is a great food to incorporate daily. However, if you are eating anything and not aware of your nutrition intake, you may want to consider your overall egg intake.

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